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Why Outsource Digital Marketing?


Chances are, your business already outsources some of their labor. Book keeping, taxes, other clerical work, etc. The reasons that you’re outsourcing might be specific to your industry, but some reasons are universal. Those reasons include:

  • Lower operational costs
  • Reduced labor (salary) costs
  • Re-focusing on core competencies
  • Getting access to a superior knowledge base
  • Mitigating risk associated with difficult tasks

But what about digital marketing specifically? This is a subset of a singular business function. However, it has a great deal of components each requiring a high degree of specialization. Let’s take a look below at why you should consider outsourcing all of your digital marketing roles:

Why outsource digital marketing? This infographic answers the question by showing stats detailing the high cost of employee salaries, how frequently digital employees change jobs, how little education entry level digital employees have and how few skills they have mastered. It also shows that companies who outsource digital advertising and marketing normally get a very high return on their spend.

As shown above, people outsource digital marketing to avoid the high costs of salaries, taxes and training. They outsource to fight the devastating loss of job switching and role turnover. They outsource to expand their depth of expertise, to support key staff, and most importantly to generate a real ROI.

Outsourcing business tasks is common and accepted. Few companies handle their own business taxes, their own janitorial services or their own logistics. Digital marketing is no different. There’s a great return to be had by finding a great partner.

That’s where we come in. We’re a specialized outsourced digital marketing company. We generate leads and sales for B2B and B2C companies using PPC, SEO, Paid Social, Content Marketing and E-mail Marketing. And yes, those generate real marketing ROI. Our clients range from established small businesses on up to publicly traded Fortune 1000 companies. We’ve worked in heavily regulated industries like pharma, ag and animal health too, so nothing (and we mean nothing) surprises us in terms of hoops and hurdles to implement a sound digital strategy.

We work with small companies, large companies and even other advertising agencies…

Small Business

Small business doesn’t have to mean small results.  Our team is used to working work with businesses of all sizes, so we tailor digital marketing plans that are scalable. They grow as your business does. They’re also extremely flexible and responsive to business changes.

Many small business owners won’t know where to begin when making their first marketing hire – digital or otherwise.  We reduce that stress by giving you professional options across a broad spectrum of digital marketing services, without the fear of making a bad hire.

Larger Companies

Most mid-sized to large companies already have marketing staff in place. Often times there’s a senior leader in the department who needs support. We serve as the digital marketing arms and legs that good leaders need. We support marketing teams with the skills and services they need to fill in their knowledge gaps.

And if there’s no VP or C level leader in place? We often play the role of strategic digital CMO, helping with everything from creative strategy to online execution, without breaking stride.

Other Agencies

We offer white-labeled digital marketing services to many traditional or design agencies across the country as well.  Many designers build a website and then lose touch with their customers. We help to offer them a recurring revenue stream, working completely in the background.

Some agencies don’t haven’t digital staff in place, and we treat their clients just like we do ours, only quietly in the background. We always sign NDA’s and non-compete agreements to assure your client relationships stay intact.

“Lets talk about it.”

Why outsource digital marketing? Because your ready to ditch HR and recruiting hassles, skyrocketing salaries and the cost of ongoing training. Because you need to support your executive staff with real digital marketing expertise. Let’s get started! Use the form below to start a conversation now.

    “We hired Search Solutions LLC to support our VP of marketing. All of our online marketing - blogging, AdWords, press releases - they handle it for us and create a lot of business for us that comes through our website.”

    Andy J.Beacon Technology Services

    “The attorney at law space is crowded. Search Solutions LLC helps us stand out. We get compliments on our website and have had several very strong client relationships start with a phone call after seeing our ads on the internet.”

    James F.Fredrickson Law Offices

    “We had a graphic designer that worked on and off and a marketing admin as well. We moved that time and money to Search Solutions LLC and we have seen great results. They got our new product featured on many of the top news outlets in our space. Couldn’t be happier.”

    Bob R.Discrete Defense Solutions

    “When storms hit, we rely on Search Solutions LLC to get us in front of local homeowners quickly. It’s the only online marketing that we do. Our return on spend is incredible.”

    Chris H.H&H Roofing