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  • You’re reading this because we used industry-leading targeting and compelling messaging to bring you here. We can help your company reach its best prospects the very same way.

  • Most people don’t like contracts. We certainly don’t. That’s why we wouldn’t ask you to sign one. Ever.

  • Many ad agencies ask you to pay for their overhead. Fancy buildings. A team of order takers. We’re focused on your ROI, not ours.

  • Most entry and mid level marketing staff don’t make you money…they cost you money. Moving the needle for your business or supporting key staff requires proven professionals.

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    “We hired Search Solutions LLC to support our VP of marketing. All of our online marketing - blogging, AdWords, press releases - they handle it for us and create a lot of business for us that comes through our website.”

    Andy J.Beacon Technology Services

    “The attorney at law space is crowded. Search Solutions LLC helps us stand out. We get compliments on our website and have had several very strong client relationships start with a phone call after seeing our ads on the internet.”

    James F.Fredrickson Law Offices

    “We had a graphic designer that worked on and off and a marketing admin as well. We moved that time and money to Search Solutions LLC and we have seen great results. They got our new product featured on many of the top news outlets in our space. Couldn’t be happier.”

    Bob R.Discrete Defense Solutions

    “When storms hit, we rely on Search Solutions LLC to get us in front of local homeowners quickly. It’s the only online marketing that we do. Our return on spend is incredible.”

    Chris H.H&H Roofing

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