Should I Use Wix To Build My Website?

a screenshot of wix costs should I use wix is answered here.

We hear from quite a few people interested in professional outsourced digital marketing services, and chief among them is website design. Often times the question comes up of “Should I use Wix to build my website?” You can easily substitute Square Space or Weebly or any other DIY website builder for Wix in this instance.

I’ve built a website with Wix. And in my opinion there’s a pretty clear set or reasons why you should or shouldn’t use a DIY builder like that for your business website. Again, this is just my opinion, but here’s the basic breakdown.

You SHOULD consider using Wix (or Square Space, Weebly, etc) if:

  • You literally are starting from scratch and have no budget for professional photography or professional website design/build.
  • Your site is literally just a placeholder to legitimize your business. Ie you need a website to put on your business cards and in your email signature and online isn’t really that important to your business.
  • You aren’t sure if you want to invest in your business, and it’s more of a hobby than your main source of income.

That’s the short list. Look, you can get something up quickly. You can get something that at least works on phones and tablets. That’s great. If that’s the extent of what you want, go for it.

You SHOULD NOT consider using Wix (or Square Space, Weebly, etc) if:

  • You need to rank your website and want to use all available SEO tactics to do so.
  • Analytics, conversions and reporting are important metrics for your business.
  • You want to be able to do anything with your website that you damn well please.

My main concerns with the Wix platform, in my instance, were the limiting factors that will impact search results. Here are a few of them:

  • URL structure – you don’t have ultimate control. Your URL will be a variation of  a page name, and also have junk characters at the end. If you want a page name for ease of use online, but a more search friendly URL title/structure…you are out of luck. You get what you get, and there’s no changing it.
  • Conversion tracking – currently there is no way to set up conversion tracking. Advanced technicians can set up goal events through analytics and track those, but in terms of using conversion script that comes free when using AdWords, for example, this isn’t available.
  • Index control – Any good SEO will tell you that you want to no index the bulk of your pages. Especially non-important pages (for search engines) like about us, contact us, history, etc. Not to mention any news posts that you want to use from other sources. There is currently no way to apply a no index, or no index/no follow tag to a Wix site.
  • No responsive grid – The drag and drop editor is powerful. However, it ends up giving you a desktop site and a “mobile friendly” site. It’s not a fluid grid. Once you build your site, you’ll have to go back an edit how it looks specifically for phones. Images and icons may be out of place, and there may be odd widowed breaks as well. True, this can happen with any web design, but at least you are managing one site. In this instance you are basically managing two…and again, it’s not responsive.
  • Lifetime costs – although the cost is cheap to free, you will have to pay to remove the Wix ads – which is not really stated until you publish the site. And you will pay to make the site live with your real domain versus a Wix sub-domain. You’ll pay a monthly fee for all of this. That can add up over the course of years.

So, if you are really just starting and cash is tight, go ahead and use it. If you are considering this for an established business, especially one with deeper content or that has to have a strong organic presence, you may want to pass. Especially if you are a service company (HVAC company, Restaurant, Remodeling Company, etc).

If you want to partner with an industry leading outsourced digital marketing co. to build a website for you, and then rank said site and send qualified prospects to it, give us a call today. That’s what we do, after all : )

Author Jason Keeler

Jason is a Digital Strategist and Digital Marketing Consultant. He's spent more than a decade working in Ad Agencies on businesses ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies like General Electric and U.S. Bancorp.

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