Do You Need An Ad Agency – 13 Reasons You Might

A diagram shows a path to determining if you need to hire an ad agency to grow ROI.

Determining if you need an advertising agency isn’t really that difficult of a process. If you are even thinking about it, chances are it’s on the horizon. And there’s some easy tell-tale signs.

We talked to 20 of our past and current clients to find some of the pain points that led them to make the call to Search Solutions. There were 13 recurrent themes or reasons that came up multiple times. Anywhere from 8 times to be exact. How many of these apply to you?

If 3 or more of these apply, chances are it’s time to explore a relationship with an agency. Regardless of what your financial capacity is for that relationship, there’s options to meet your needs. Sometimes it’s as easy as taking the salary you’d spend on a mid-level employee and putting that towards ad agency services. The unfortunate reality, also, is that outsourcing marketing work to an agency is a better use of money than keeping staff whose skills have aged or who may not have the ability to move your business forward. 

With that said, here’s the 13 reasons you need an advertising agency ASAP:

You and your staff are overwhelmed by the options for producing and placing your advertising – and getting results.

You get too many emails and phone calls from media sales reps and platform, software, 3rd party providers.

Your advertising and marketing is an “add-on” responsibility for your staff and not their core focus.

Your own strategic and creative efforts aren’t yielding the results you need to grow your business.

You haven’t been able to “bridge the gap” between traditional and digital marketing.

Your bookkeeping process for advertising and media invoices has become too complicated and time-consuming.

You have never really identified how to position your company versus the competition.

You want to put a team of highly trained specialists to work, with the common goal of growing your business.

You want to do co-op advertising but don’t want to deal with the co-op hassle.

You can’t afford to have key advertising talent on staff.

Your Internal staff has technical skill but not strategic thinking chops.

Your mistakes and time spent learning are costing you not just time but money.

You need straight answers and accountability from an outside source.

How many of those resonate with your current situation? Chances are if you’ve read this far…it’s more than a few!

We specialize in helping businesses get a return from their marketing spend. Yes, a great deal of our time is spent on digital channels such as paid search, paid social media, display advertising and email marketing. However, our largest (and often most successful) engagements are when we blend traditional and digital marketing into one cohesive brand plan. Of course, we have the expertise to execute that plan and scale it once it’s in place also.

If you’re ready to explore if you really need an ad agency, please contact us today. Often times a 15 minute phone call is all it takes to determine if there’s a mutual fit. Marketing that works is just a call or click away…

Author Jason Keeler

Jason is a Digital Strategist and Digital Marketing Consultant. He's spent more than a decade working in Ad Agencies on businesses ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies like General Electric and U.S. Bancorp.

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