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One of the first questions any business has about social media outsourcing is the cost. The truth is that when it comes to outsourcing platforms such as Facebook, the cost varies widely based on a variety of factors. Some agencies may charge a flat monthly rate or use certain price models. A good digital marketing partner can discuss your business’s specific budget, needs, and goals, and will take all of this into account when setting up your plan. Some areas to focus on when considering if you’d outsource Facebook marketing or not include the following:


When it comes to outsourcing Facebook advertising, think of it more as an investment than an expense. Outsourcing saves you hours each week that might have been spent managing your own Facebook ad account, which, in turn, saves you money. As we discussed in our previous blog, you have to think about how much your time is worth. Most people would say their time is worth a great deal more than the cost to pay a professional to expertly manage their paid social platforms, making outsourcing a no-brainer. It’s clearly a high quality, lower-cost option that just makes sense when you consider everything on your plate in any given day/week.


The massive benefit of time saved aside, outsourcing your Facebook marketing needs allows your business to avoid the added cost associated with higher salaries and specialized training. In 2011, a social media marketing industry report demonstrated that a full half of all marketers who choose not to outsource have less than 1 year of experience in this type of paid social media marketing. On the contrary, the more experienced the marketer, the more likely they were to outsource their marketing. This comes from a greater understanding of the complications involved, and the realization that truly effective Facebook advertising only happens with help from skilled professionals.  And, unless your spend is in the six figures each month, putting a full time salary on staff doesn’t make sense either. Their salary will be 2X to 4X what you’d pay a good agency or contractor (and that’s before bennies and taxes)!

Advertising Expertise

Your business, no doubt, already outsources a variety of tasks without a second thought. Accounting, financial planning, tax prep and custodial services are popular with most of our clients. Facebook ads are just as complicated as tax code or managing money. It’s a channel that requires a variety of skills blended at once, in that it places high value not only on engaging written content but also on video content marketing and other visual content. With nearly three-quarters of adults on Facebook, and 70% of them browsing the platform daily, Facebook advertising is easily one of the most important tools in your marketing toolbox. Attempting this advertising endeavor on your own, and having it not perform to your needs or expectations, would not only be a financial loss, but potentially damaging to your business and its reputation.  Not to mention the loss in highly competitive industries where losing a customer to the competition could mean a $10k to $100k swing (or more)!

Many times, businesses find themselves feeling deflated after pouring their energies into Facebook advertising on their own, only to not receive the gains they had expected. These businesses give up without considering outsourcing Facebook ads, and by doing so, lose this highly valuable outlet. Proper Facebook advertising, performed by a team of professionals who know the trends and the market, will provide you with traffic, leads and sales that makes every penny spent worthwhile.

So, in the end, outsourcing can feel like a huge commitment…and that’s because it is. This is why you must find an experienced team that is willing to work within the style you desire for any of your paid social media platforms, including Facebook, as well as within your desired budgets. But, when you find the right agency, outsourcing can be a weight off your shoulders and an incredible boost to your bottom line. Clearly, the benefits of outsourcing Facebook advertising outweigh any cost. If you’re ready to start making Facebook ads work for you, please contact us today!

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