Outsourcing Digital Marketing To Support Executive Staff

In the business world, time is money. This is especially true for key executives. Their time needs to be spent on high-level strategy, developing key relationships and product innovation. Dealing with the day-to-day issues of entry and mid level employees, however, can drain their valuable time and energy. This is especially true with digital marketing. More and more companies are looking at outsourcing digital marketing to support executive staff. It might sound counterintuitive at first, dealing with a “vendor” instead of internal staff as a means to save time. After all, conversations are easier when held in person right?

There’s a few reasons that outsourcing digital marketing can make sense as a support mechanism for key executives actually. One of the most compelling is the impact on staffing issues. Outsourcing all digital marketing drastically decreases the amount of time dealing with interviews, talent evaluation, and back-filling positions due to mis-hires or voluntary turnover. Having a great agency or digital partner creates continuity with one single point of contact for all digital marketing functions. Analytics reporting, website maintenance, content marketing, paid media, organic search, social, and more funnel through one primary contact. If your marketing executives are spending too much time with human resources BS, this can really free up their time.

Aside from that, even the best executives have “skill gaps”. A big skill gap for many executives, especially tenured execs who aren’t digital natives, is their ability to understand what is impactful and what isn’t. Or what employees are valuable and which aren’t. The right partner fills this gap.

In some instances, executives have a few star performers that are slowly losing their value over time as they get saddled with additional responsibilities. Outsourcing some digital workload allows them to get the support they need for their best employees. It lets them focus on key skill sets and specialization. It keeps good employees happy and keeps “busy work” off their plate.


Most importantly, outsourcing digital marketing services support executive staff by helping them increase the bottom line, meet sales goals and drive revenue. Not only is meeting revenue goals critical for the business, it’s key for executive staff satisfaction.

On the note of satisfaction, having an on-demand workforce that can match the pace of even the fastest-moving executives helps improve satisfaction. Early morning. Late evening. There’s no worries about conflicting schedules or making five different people’s calendars sync up. One central contact is all they need, without worrying about impacting the work-life balance of other staff.

In the end, outsourcing digital marketing to support executive staff provides them access to insight and strategy that they’d never get from entry level and junior level employees. Having a piece of a lead generation specialist with 10 years of experience in your industry is exponentially more valuable than having full time access to someone learning lead generation in your industry and no previous background. Think of them as long term digital marketing consultants for your business.

If you’re business has executives that need support, or who aren’t getting the “right” support they need to grow your business, it might be time to outsource the digital marketing functions around them to help them thrive.

Author Dan Foley

Dan is a content marketing and social media marketing expert with more than 5 years of experience working with B2B and B2C brands all across the United States. His clients include dentists, real estate agents, auto dealers and online retailers.

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