Is An Outsourced Marketing Department Right For You?

an outsourced marketing department shown as drawings on a board.

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. And there’s more than one way to approach marketing for your business. Sometimes, it’s worthwhile to develop a full marketing department in-house, especially if you can keep salaries low and productivity high. But there’s a compelling case for using an outsourced marketing department also.

In-house requires quite a bit of investment up front because setting up the infrastructure for internal marketing requires a great deal of organization and planning. Not to mention re-work when there’s turnover (planned or otherwise). It’s far more common to see outsourced marketing departments operating in tandem with a company’s staff, providing the expertise they need to fill gaps under the guise of senior leadership.

There are other approaches, of course. Some try to straddle the divide by outsourcing individual tasks, and others simply hire outside marketing all together. Both of those approaches also have their merits, but the advantage you gain with an outsourced marketing department is the consistency and communication you expect from having a regular staff who knows your business. What you don’t have is knowledge gaps, turnover and “people problems” like extended PTO, maternity leave…even jail time (hey, it’s happened before and will happen again)!


Here’s a few hints that you might be ready for an outsourced marketing department.

  1. When You’ve Moved Past “Viable Product” And On To “Need To Scale” outsourced marketing departments have piles and piles of papers on a desk

Hiring an outsourced digital marketing department means having the ability to create multidimensional campaigns that can reach your customers in the places they most often congregate online. That takes preparation, though, if it is to be successful. You know you are ready to move beyond your initial community outreach and to do widespread marketing when you have:

  • A viable product at the production-ready stage
  • A clear vision of your customer’s wants, needs, and purpose for the product
  • An idea of the experience that product will give the customer

Basically, if your staff was lean during “startup” phase but you’ve quickly grown to “in market and growing”, it may be time to hire the missing parts you need in bulk. And find the expertise that you need to scale via smart marketing.

  1. When You Are Already Doing Marketing…And It’s Not That Good

Plenty of companies try to get their marketing off the ground in-house, often by assigning just a single staff member to the task, or perhaps sharing it across a few people as they grow. As a result, they often start doing some basic marketing and outreach, even successfully, without understanding how to scale. When you have achieved a moderate level of success and you are having trouble finding the right way to kick your efforts up to the next level, outsourced digital marketing departments are going to be able to provide you with both the strategic insights and the extra labor you need to keep growing. Also, you may notice that:

  • Your jack-of-all-trades is a master of none in terms of next-level capabilities
  • There’s one or two glaring skill gaps in technical know-how that need filled fast
  • The company website hasn’t kept up with your companies place in the market
  1. When You’re Ready To “Let Go” of the Day-to-Day

When you outsource your marketing department, you gain the ability to set the course for your efforts without having to monitor the day-to-day progress. Letting go isn’t easy, but it allows you (and other key C level executives) to focus on big picture items and long term strategy. If you’re at the point that you don’t want to micromanage and you instead need a trusted team of professionals, an outsourced marketing department makes great sense. It’s easy to wind up out in the weeds when you deal with digital marketing, because there is a lot of misinformation out there. Putting your marketing on track means getting the resources you need to cut through that misinformation by having access to the proof that these initiatives are working. When you work with outsourced marketing departments, you get the opportunity to do just that, because they are going to be able to provide you with three big tools that you didn’t have access to before:

  • Strategies they know work, because they have firsthand data from other clients
  • Data on the results for your business, so you can find the most successful campaigns
  • Ongoing research that is informed by their experience with you and companies like yours


Okay, this should be at the start of the article, I get it, but here’s a wrap up…It’s not easy to find the right outsourced marketing department, but once you do, it is one of the smartest choices that you’ll make. That’s because when you work with outsourced marketing, you can control your costs, improve quality, fill skill gaps and create consistent, professional marketing results. If you’re ready to explore outsourcing your marketing department, contact us today. A good decision is just a call or click away.

Author Dan Foley

Dan is a content marketing and social media marketing expert with more than 5 years of experience working with B2B and B2C brands all across the United States. His clients include dentists, real estate agents, auto dealers and online retailers.

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