Outsourced Digital Marketing Firms Are Ad Agencies Of The Future

outsourced digital marketing firms are a queen on a chess board and traditional agencies are a pawn in this image.

Traditional ad agencies are in trouble, especially small ones. In an industry where your capital walks in and out of the door each day, the value you can bring a client all comes down to thought leadership. And real thought leadership comes from smart, talented people with a knack for making things happen (hence outsourced digital marketing firms claiming more marketshare from business of all sizes).  These people aren’t created overnight. They evolve. And when they hit a certain point, they get sucked up into the vacuum of larger agencies. And after that? They branch out on their own to take their skills direct to customers, or they white label their work to agencies, reaping more of the financial benefit.

There’s a constant backfill of talent that trickles down through small and even mid-sized agencies. How can any one company, especially a smaller one,  house the talent required to deliver the optimal solution for each business challenge their individual customers have? They can’t. That’s why digital marketing consultants are pushing clients towards an outsourced model more frequently than not. No agency can provide JUST the right mix of talent and experience without charging an arm and a leg, asking you to foot the bill for talent that you may only use a small piece of.

The Oceans 11 model in action

If you’re like me, you’ve watched Ocean’s Eleven (and Twelve, and Thirteen) a time or two. Clooney, Pitt and Damon were stellar in every one. You’ll recall that George Clooney takes an outsourced team approach when he lands a backer for the ultimate casino heist. He needed a very talented group of specialists, including con men, an explosives expert, a hacker, a pickpocket, and even an acrobat.  

Your business is no different. You need a specific mix of professionals to drive your business forward. The copywriter for Daisy’s Dog Boarding isn’t the same one that’s going to work on your Fortune 500 Tech business, or your International Logistics business, or your Healthcare Consulting business. The .net developer who just finished a massive Sitecore build isn’t going to bootstrap a WordPress theme the next day. An AdWords specialist with experience in e-commerce campaigns isn’t going to fit your local business running BING ads in a 20 mile radius. You get the picture…


The state of the work

Current technologies (such as Slack, Trello, G-Suite, Dropbox, Xero and myriad other cloud-based SaaS tools) and shared spaces distribute these cooperative principles even further, minimizing overhead.

All smart people need is a laptop with an internet connection, their skills and these services listed above and they are off and running. It sounds oversimplified, but it’s not. Instead of renovated inner-city warehouses with ping-pong tables and wet bars, smart entrepreneurial talent is leaving the agency scene to work independently. Commutes are out. Online meetings are in. Mandatory 8 to 5 shifts are out, working when it fits their schedule (as long as deadlines are met) is in. Silly old fashioned overhead like big buildings, office equipment, secretarial staff and other margin-busting things just don’t fit with outsourced digital marketing firms committed to ROI.

The best part of this whole thing is the lack of top-heavy engagements; no-one gets the cream and leaves others to starve. Each specialist in the network receives value. But most importantly, you (the client) gets the biggest value.

An alternative marketplace

an outsourced digital marketing firm is just a man with a laptop in his living roomThere is the potential to create an alternative marketplace. One that will allow specialist experts to apply their skills and talents to projects they want to work on. That’s where we come in. Our network includes many talented professionals who moonlight. It includes freelancers. It includes small businesses who formed very quickly when they realized that they didn’t have to grind through the big agency scene to apply their talents. And yes, it includes a handful of full time employees to manage the rigors of client expectations. Regardless, it’s a custom-build for each client that walks through our doors.

The new advertising agency of the future

We as agencies are at the crossroads. Either technology slams us headlong into a future where as knowledge workers we are just cogs in a machine generating retirement income for one business owner, or for holding companies or private equity firms…or it frees the talent base that exists and allows them to focus on what they do best. We feel it’s the latter of the two, and we are excited about how the future is unfolding right in front of us. We empower numerous other small businesses to do what they do best. And yes, many of these businesses provide retirement income to their owners as well. But there’s a difference between Joe Web Dev saving for retirement and Fat Pockets McEquityFirm netting a 3rd home in the Cayman’s. You get the picture.

Small is beautiful. We don’t need scale to take on huge business. What we do need is what we already have, a network of the absolute best talent available across any digital marketing discipline. Most importantly, we can cut out so much “junk” that our clients are getting fantastic ROI with this incredibly lean model.

Let’s face it, unless you’re at a point in your business that there’s more importance on looking cool and stroking ego’s than making money, you need your digital (and all your marketing) to be a money maker. Like Zig Ziglar famously quipped “if it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense”. We couldn’t agree more.

Getting ROI

If you’re interested in getting more ROI from your agency relationship, you’re in the right place. We experts in putting together the right team for your industry. We’ve created incredible success stories for B2B and B2C companies. We have skilled developers in all coding languages. We’ve touched every CMS you can imagine (and some you’d never want to). If you’re interested in building a website that works in today’s mobile first world and then using that to generate leads and sales, we’re the partner for you.  Digital marketing outsourcing can work for your business. Find out how today!

Author Jason Keeler

Jason is a Digital Strategist and Digital Marketing Consultant. He's spent more than a decade working in Ad Agencies on businesses ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies like General Electric and U.S. Bancorp.

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