5 Reasons To Outsource Your Content Marketing

By August 7, 2017Content Marketing
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Almost every business website has a blog. If yours doesn’t, it should. It really doesn’t matter what your vertical is…your thoughts are just as important as your products. Your website and blog serve as the linchpin of digital marketing. They connect readers with your key product/service pages through long-form ideas and content. Your online visibility, your position in your industry as a “leader” and even your website rankings all depend on your ability to put your best content forward with the only digital asset you completely control. Your blog is your opportunity to shine; but to see the best results, you may need a little outside help.

The concept of outsourcing has evolved. It no longer carries a negative reputation and the quality control issues it once did. Plenty of college-educated, professional writers are willing to learn about your business, discover your voice, and write from your perspective in a new and fresh way. Outsourcing your content marketing offers more than access to talented writers: It can also give your brand the technically driven content it needs to stand out online. Don’t forget, blogs aren’t just “stories”. They may be case studies, white papers or infographics.

5 Compelling Reasons to Outsource Your Content Marketing

If you’re on the fence about handing over your content marketing to an outsourced digital marketing agency, consider the reasons why more brands are doing just that every day:

Outsourced marketing teams can produce large quantities of fresh brand-specific content, leaving your in-house team to focus on more valuable tasks. Expand your editorial calendar, take on more challenging marketing projects, and earn more ROI with a quick turnaround production cycle. As your business grows, so can your blog and your digital presence.


Quality control is critical. If you’re business doesn’t seem to catch typos or misspelled words, it can really damage your reputation. Companies that offer content creation services depend on client satisfaction to earn new and recurrent business. To do this, we put content through a rigorous quality-control process involving plagiarism checks, fact checks, editing, and proofreading. When you receive your final copy, you can adjust it to your liking or use it as is without worry – the content is 100 percent yours and error-free. (Pro tip: We even handle content marketing FOR content marketers. It’s not uncommon for many thought leaders to author only a few pieces a year, and let outsourced teams handle the rest).

Search expertise isn’t easy to come by. A blog needs more than fresh content to generate a measurable return. It needs relevant and optimized long-tail keywords, authoritative sources, optimized meta tags and descriptions, captivating headlines, engagement-driven calls-to-action, and images with alt-tags  to reach SEO success. On-page SEO is part of the battle. When you outsource your content marketing to people who know SEO, your ideas become more valuable than they would be otherwise (from a search engine’s perspective). Search marketing and content creation firms can do all of the legwork for you. They are professionals who create and monitor content every day, so they know what works and what doesn’t. When you hand over your blog content to a knowledgeable outside team, you can earn new inbound links, gain search visibility, and win over customers.

Subject matter expertise is scarce also. If you need content that delves into certain subject matter or a business area that might not be your personal strong suit, outsourced marketing companies may have access to subject matter experts who can quickly and easily produce the content you need. While you may pay more for work from a subject matter expert, a well-crafted thought leadership piece can generate measurable returns long after its publication. “Evergreen” content that lasts gives you value for long, long periods of time. What’s best, even if you didn’t write it yourself, you still get the credit.

Content diversity matters. Single writers and small teams can fall into a rut with routine content creation. Often times, they stick to variations of the sameIn other words, you can’t write what you don’t know. When businesses partner with content creators, they gain access to fresh perspectives and new ideas. Outsourced content writers can format your content in a more engaging way, and tailor content for social media use appropriately. Strategic subheadings, bullets, and high-quality graphics can make seemingly ordinary blog content pop. All things that might otherwise be lacking if content is kept in-house.

Blogs represent the most critical tactic for B2B marketing success, according to the 2017 B2B Content Marketing Trends – North America report. Although marketers understand the importance of content creation, they continue to cite lack of time and content creation challenges as the most significant barriers to content marketing success.

Developing engaging, effective, and consistent content is tough. Most companies struggle to meet their content marketing goals without outside help. They simply don’t have the time needed to research, write, and optimize search-friendly blog content, thorough white papers and impactful case studies. As more of your competitors take advantage of the expertise, production capabilities and resources outsourced marketing firms can provide, why shouldn’t you? If you’re ready to outsource your content marketing, please drop us a line today!

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