What New Updates Pose the Biggest Threat to Your Digital Marketing Campaigns?

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Successful digital marketing campaigns rely heavily on adaptability with the ever-changing nature of the internet. Because of how quickly things change, business owners must constantly change their bag of tricks, otherwise they’ll lose ground to more nimble competitors. To prevent this from happening to your digital marketing campaigns, your business should familiarize itself with the following updates.

Google’s ‘Fred’ Update

On March 8, Google quietly rolled out an update to its search ranking algorithm. Dubbed “Fred”, it caused a substantial decrease in organic traffic to affected websites. While Google has yet to confirm the update, let alone reveal its details, SEO experts believe it focuses on low-quality content sites that promote affiliate links. Getting good content is the key to combatting this or any other future update. A good content marketing agency can help give you ideas for better outreach solutions and make the onsite content easier for visitors to connect to, which in turn makes it more likable, linkable and sharable.

Changes to Gmail Native Ads

If you haven’t been using gmail native ads, you are already missing something. But if you are, and if you are using them in conjunction with domain targeting, pay heed. As of the end of this month, Google will no longer allow domain targeting. It’s keywords only from here on out. Most people feel this has something to do with advertisers complaining that they spend X to acquire customers, then let others steal them by spending only .25X by targeting their domain in a Gmailer’s inbox. Makes sense. Either way, don’t get caught ignoring this!

Facebook Ad Guidelines

Facebook is updating its guidelines for advertisements regularly and with ferocity. The latest includes multiple changes, everything from allowing even LESS text in ads to stripping out targeting options of certain groups or job titles. The ability to target home owners versus renters was even removed!

When speaking about the update, Facebook’s Nick Grudin explained that the company’s goal is to support publishers who add value to the platform. The update will target publishers that violate Facebook’s policies, including intellectual property theft, safety, and fraudulent practices among other things.

Facebook ads can produce huge results. But if you don’t follow guidelines, ads won’t run. And if you do it enough, you’ll lose your account. All good digital marketing campaigns have a Facebook component. Don’t lose yours!

Bing Ads Bid Adjustment Suggestions

Bing Ads is introducing a new bid adjustment suggestions feature. As most seasoned digital marketers know, choosing the right bid prices is essential to a successful and profitable PPC campaign. In an effort to help advertisers choose the right bid prices, Bing Ads will offer bid suggestions based on historical ad performance. This is a great update and this platform continues to get closer and closer to Google. If you’re outsourced digital marketing company isn’t using this in conjunction with AdWords, start asking questions. Or find a new one : )

AdWords AMP Landing Pages

Earlier this year, Google opened the beta program for AdWords Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) landing pages. This program allows advertisers to create mobile-optimized landing pages for their AdWords campaigns. While currently still in the beta stage, however, Google is planning to make this easier to use for average webmasters and creators. It’s widely adopted right now and is great for anyone that creates breaking news. Make sure you are considering using an AMP landing pages for mobile digital marketing campaigns currently in the works.

These are just a few updates that may affect your digital marketing campaigns. If you’re worried about these or other updates – or if you simply want to take your marketing campaigns to the next level – give us a call. We do this every day for a reason!

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