7 Marketing Tasks To Outsource In 2018

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Marketing departments and their staff are always pressed for time. Not only that, their time is pressed to produce results. Focusing on top level strategy and key initiatives are where time is best spent. One of the best ways to “keep focused” is by finding marketing tasks to outsource that end up taking too much time or technical expertise.

Below are seven marketing tasks to outsource in 2018. Things smart marketings are offloading to save time, create efficiency and tap professional expertise. Here’s a list you’ll want to consider outsouring:

1. Creating Facebook Ads

Video content marketing is essential in today’s marketing world. This is especially true for Facebook. You only get so far with static images. The need for video is higher than ever. But video comes in many forms. Images stitched together with text overlays can be video. A great image in a “cinemagraph” format counts as video. User generated content is another consideration. As is stock video mixed with still images. All these creations are easier to outsource to professionals. Doing it right is more important than “doing it”. So outsource it to professionals!

2. Curating content for social media

In order to keep your organic content on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat on the up and up, you should always be curating great content to share with your community. This is painstakingly slow and laborious. Provide your outsource partners with specific instructions, and let them handle the rest. You can really grow your social media presence without trashing your schedule. Plus, you pick up a different “voice” that can resonate with other users.

3. Optimizing PPC accounts

One of the marketing tasks to outsource in 2018 (if not sooner) is getting real professionals to optimize and manage your AdWords, BING Ads and Facebook Ad accounts. There’s too much at risk to try and do it in-house or learn as you go. Understanding conversion rates, negative keyword lists and bid rules isn’t something to piddle with while your competitors hit pay dirt. Good management companies will turn these into revenue centers instead of cost centers.

4. Responding to online reviews, Facebook messenger conversations and blog comments

If you choose to respond to Facebook messenger conversations or comments for your company blogs, you may know just how long it can take. If your comments are nothing more than “thanks!” or “I appreciate it,” then you should probably outsource this time-consuming task. Even if the responses are a little more detailed, you can always set rules to approve any response or content before it goes live. Also, using ChatBots (or having someone set them up for you) to give Facebook users easy answers, is worth consideration. Many marketers overlook the value of following up to online reviews, but it’s like gold for your brand.

5. Analytics reporting and data insights

Every good marketer makes decisions based on analytics. But collecting and reporting data, analytics and trends can be time consuming (and confusing). You have to set up your analytics, configure the analytics, generate reports from your analytics, monitor these analytics, analyze the analytics, determine takeaways from the analytics, and then make strategic marketing decisions in light of these analytics.

Google Tag Manager can be tricky too…but doing it right gives you so many more ways to track custom conversions like mobile click to call events, scroll depth and custom email clicks from your site. It’s worth the time to set it up right.

6. E-mail marketing automation

Email marketing matters more today than ever before. It’s a lifeline to past customers, and prospects who have yet to convert. But so many marketers are still doing things manually. Why? Automation is here. And if your CRM doesn’t offer it, it may be time to switch. Putting people on “the right track” – and having a track set up for them – is a key marketing task to outsource in 2018.

7. Content calendar planning and fulfillment

Content isn’t just blogging, although that’s a key component. Content is white papers, case studies, infographics and research papers. Having the right technical writer available can make a huge difference. Having someone who is a “real writer” can make a huge difference. This is not an area to “fake it till you make it” or push on to junior level staff. This will drive everything from your SEO efforts to your custom acquisition.

If your company isn’t outsourcing these marketing tasks, they should. And if you want an outsourced digital marketing company to help you do all of the above, please contact us today.


Author Jason Keeler

Jason is a Digital Strategist and Digital Marketing Consultant. He's spent more than a decade working in Ad Agencies on businesses ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies like General Electric and U.S. Bancorp.

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