Four Personas Of Freelance Digital Marketing Talent

man in his 50's a fitness writer and blogger poses for a picture

If you’re like most business owners, when you hear the term “digital marketing” and “outsourced” in the same sentence, you instantly think of a fresh-out-of-college techie with some basic web design experience. And that is largely true. Many young people with digital skills are bucking the traditional job market in favor of the gig economy. They crave project-based work and freelance work that doesn’t require a commute, a 9 to 5 and an office setting.

Still, the world of professionals available to serve as outsourced digital marketers is robust. It just might surprise to you learn that the talent pool of people filling this need is wide is both deep and diverse. And growing.

Below are four personas of outsourced digital marketing talent that we work with. The names are changed, but the write-ups are real. Each person is unique and may just change your perception of who is freelancing in the digital space.

man in his 50's a fitness writer and blogger poses for a picture

Sam, the semi-retired writer: Sam is 56 and lives in Columbus, Ohio. He worked as a columnist for a fitness magazine for more than a decade, and owned his own gym prior to that. He’s been an active blogger for several years, and has a passion for writing about health, fitness, diet and exercise. Sam is a writer. Sam is a personal trainer for active seniors. Sam is a volunteer at the local Boys and Girls club. Writing on his own schedule and in his spare time fits his lifestyle perfectly, and allows him to spend more time doing the things he loves.

a woman in her 30's manages projects in a still photoMollie, the SAHM project manager: Mollie is 29 and lives in Kansas City, Missouri. She served seven years working as a project manager at Sprint, spending the last two of those years managing online advertising projects internally. She loved the fast pace and daily challenges. But after her and her husband had a baby girl, she wanted more flexibility to spend time with her family. Freelance digital project management work allows her to work around the constantly changing daily schedules of her infant daughter without giving up the work she loves. In any given week, she’ll have up to 3 website or app design projects moving forward, managing schedules, timelines and client communications for each.

digital marketer looks into cameraVishal, the moonlighting social media specialist: Vishal is 32 and lives in Dallas, Texas. His parents immigrated to Florida when he was a child, and later moved to Fort Worth where his father worked in IT services for AT&T. Vishal loves technology. He works at a large PR firm managing social listening campaigns for huge publicly traded companies. He moonlights after hours providing social media consulting to small and medium businesses as part of his “early retirement plan”. Vishal gives smaller businesses the same expertise that the big boys get, but without the hefty price tag.

female biz ownerCarrie, the small business owner & developer: Carrie is 43 and lives in Denver, Colorado. She owns a boutique website design company. They specialize in organic food and natural living marketing. She employs two full time developers, one for .net work and another .for php builds. She’s a WordPress and Joomla developer herself. Her goal has always been to own her own business, and after working for Land’s End for 5 years she started her own businesses in 2010. A big part of her revenue is providing white label design work for other agencies and marketing firms. Working behind the scenes, she keeps herself (and her staff) busy with projects that come in from time to time.

The four examples above are a good cross sample of the outsourced digital marketing talent that’s available on the open market. Our role is to stay connected to the best, brightest, and most affordable. We provide strategic oversight and put together the “right” team for your business needs. Want to learn more about digital marketing in general, or outsourced marketing for business? Drop us a line today!

Author Dan Foley

Dan is a content marketing and social media marketing expert with more than 5 years of experience working with B2B and B2C brands all across the United States. His clients include dentists, real estate agents, auto dealers and online retailers.

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