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The Easy To Follow Guide To Website Marketing

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The Internet is a vast, ever-growing entity. It has fundamentally changed nearly every aspect of our lives. Think for a second about how social media has changed how we interact with friends, family, co-workers, and communities.  Look up how much retail business happens online during Cyber Monday alone…it’s staggering. It’s really pretty amazing that a technology in its infancy just 20 years ago is now a crucial part of our day-to-day lives.

Websites are at the core of our day-to-day business lives as well. Apps, virtual reality and augmented reality experiences are also fighting for “time” with prospective customers, but business websites remain a primary cog in the wheel of financial success. Website marketing, not surprisingly, is more important than ever.  But how do you create real, qualified traffic to your site in a way that’s cost effective (meaning, in a way that generates positive ROI)? Read More

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12 Questions A Digital Marketing Consultant Can Answer

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Hiring a marketing consultant, digital or otherwise, is a smart move when you have questions that need answered. If you’re on the cusp of staffing up your marketing department, or moving forward with a large marketing campaign, ad spend or online initiative, it’s good to get a few things answered first.

Even if you have staff in place, digital marketing consultants have expertise that most  employees won’t have. You can get a year’s worth of value out of a 10 or 20 hour engagement with a professional consultant. It’s possible that your company is missing opportunity every month on wasted spend or gaps in your overall plan.

But the real value comes from getting tough questions answered. If you aren’t sure what (or who) is really valuable, an independent 3rd party consultant can help you figure it out quickly.  Here’s X other questions that digital consultants can answer for you… Read More

Should You Hire Marketing Staff Or Use A Marketing Agency?

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(note: This post originated at Marketing Land on November 28th)

Is it better to do your online marketing in-house or through an agency? It’s an important decision to make.

Now, you should probably know that I’m a founder of an online advertising agency, so I might have a bit of a bias. But I have worked in-house and done my own fair share of hiring agencies throughout my career, so I’ve seen the good and bad of both options.

With that in mind, I’m going to try to take off my digital marketing agency hat and tell you the honest differences that come with both approaches. Read More

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Why Replacing Your Marketing Staff Is So Hard

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During a recent consulting session with a new client in the IT services space, we got into the “tough stuff” pretty quickly with their President. We’d flown through the first 15 minutes of the video chat…what they’d been doing previously, what the numbers looked like, how they handled metrics and reporting, etc.

One simple question that we always ask hit him like a vintage Mike Tyson uppercut. What we asked was “does your marketing budget include the salary of your marketing staff?” The question hung in the air for a few seconds. His expression changed, his voice lowered. The tone of the meeting pivoted instantly. “No, it doesn’t” he finally answered. Read More

Outsourcing Digital Marketing To Support Executive Staff

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In the business world, time is money. This is especially true for key executives. Their time needs to be spent on high-level strategy, developing key relationships and product innovation. Dealing with the day-to-day issues of entry and mid level employees, however, can drain their valuable time and energy. This is especially true with digital marketing. More and more companies are looking at outsourcing digital marketing to support executive staff. It might sound counterintuitive at first, dealing with a “vendor” instead of internal staff as a means to save time. After all, conversations are easier when held in person right? Read More

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Four Personas Of Freelance Digital Marketing Talent

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If you’re like most business owners, when you hear the term “digital marketing” and “outsourced” in the same sentence, you instantly think of a fresh-out-of-college techie with some basic web design experience. And that is largely true. Many young people with digital skills are bucking the traditional job market in favor of the gig economy. They crave project-based work and freelance work that doesn’t require a commute, a 9 to 5 and an office setting. Read More

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The Complete Guide To Outsourcing Digital Marketing

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If you’re reading this, chances are you’re interested in outsourcing digital marketing, hiring a full-time digital employee, or some combination of both. This article is aimed at making your decision process easier. When does it make sense to outsource? What about outsourcing parts of an internal marketing function, but not all of it? Below we’ll answer some of these big questions. Read More

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78 Marketing Tasks To Outsource Right Now

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(note: This post originated at QuickSprout on June 29th, 2016)

If you’re like me, you stay busy.

Running a business (or a marketing department) is a tall order in and of itself. When you throw marketing into the mix, things can quickly become overwhelming.

If you haven’t felt this way yet, you’re going to feel it soon: There just aren’t enough hours in the day! Read More

Likes don't matter for small business, sales from Facebook matter as shown here.

Facebook Marketing For Small Businesses

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If your small business could only spend time with one marketing vehicle, what would it be? A managed PPC campaign? Ongoing SEO for your website? Good old fashioned direct mail?

If Facebook advertising isn’t top of mind…maybe it should be. The targeting options available through Facebook are SO refined, that finding ideal prospects with targeted offers can yield incredible results without incredible spend. Using Google Adwords to get traffic to your website might cost you $10 or even $20 a click. What if I told you that you could get tens to even hundreds of real, interested visitors to your site for not much more than that using Facebook? Not to mention, you can nail down your online reputation as well. Check out some sample results below:
Facebook Small Biz Ad
Let’s take a closer look at how this can work for your business. Getting targeted traffic from Facebook isn’t rocket science, but there’s some key considerations in the approach that will determine if this makes money for you, or just wastes your time. Of course, I want to help you do the prior, not that latter. First, let’s consider what you really want to do.

Traffic is KING. Choose wisely!

Right off the bat, there’s suggestions and options for what to do. Do you want to drive traffic to your website? Get people to install an app? Increase the number of likes to your page so that over time you have a larger Facebook community? All of these are key for a good website marketing strategy, as they lead to conversions on-site down the road.

If you’re looking for RGA (revenue generating activity), focus on clicks to your website. Then ensure the page you take them to is primed for conversion.  Get remarketing code on the page so you can follow users with additional messaging. Make sure you make it easy for them to opt-in to your newsletter or take part in a Facebook-only offer (hint: this is a great conversion tool). Capture their address and phone number with a short from as part of the offer. This isn’t small biz marketing 101 stuff, but you need to know how to do it to make Facebook a lead driver.

The goal is traffic. Qualified traffic, with a real interest in what you’re selling, at a low cost. Making hay with that traffic comes in other ways. Don’t rely on Facebook to SELL for you, rather to SET UP THE SALE. See screenshot below for selection items:

using facebook as a marketing tool requires choosing the right options, as shown here

Now, there are some outfits that have become incredible advocates for using Facebook in a different way. They suggest spending time and resources cultivating a cult-like following for your pages, and marketing over and over to people who already like your page, your brand, etc. My personal take is that unless you have a business that offers the chance or frequent repeat business, there’s a lot of wasted spend here. If you’re a service company (a roofer, house painter, locksmith, remodeling company, etc) and you may not see customers more than once every 3 years or so…this isn’t going to cut it for you. You need to generate leads with a fresh pipeline of prospects. That’s what I’m suggesting. If you need to outsource your Facebook advertising (or other digital marketing tactics), then do it.

Targeting demographics and psychographics…

This is where the rubber meets the road in terms of Facebook being a legitimate marketing tool for small business…getting interests and behaviors right. This is especially important in light of Facebook’s recent relevancy score implementation. If you can’t find target correctly, it will cost you. It may even make this vehicle worthless. If you do it right…you’ll be rewarded with impressions and traffic that vastly outperform the “estimated impressions” shown prior to starting.

This rabbit hole is deep. You can target so much on Facebook. The goal is getting as refined as possible while STILL having a large user base. (NOTE: This can be tricky for small businesses in a tight geographic area, especially if you only target people in a suburb or small town, or if your product is SO niche that layering in several interests or behaviors leaves you with less than 1,000 targeted users). Fear not. There is always a solution. Sometimes it just requires looking at the problem in a different way. Crafting a different landing page. Tweaking an offer just for Facebook (hint: as noted above, this is a REALLY good idea). Screenshot below of sample targeting:

Facebook marketing for small business 3

Other key elements include the ad (promoted post) itself, and the budget selection. These are critical to performance as well, but for the sake of brevity we won’t dive right in. Long story short, if your small business isn’t using Facebook to drive more leads and sales, consider a digital marketing partner that can put you in this space quickly. Contact us today to learn more!