Most Businesses Don’t Need App Advertising

By November 11, 2015Pay Per Click

People don’t want to see your ad when they’re using apps. Period. There’s not a lot else that needs said. Most businesses don’t need app ads in the digital marketing mix. There’s too many ways it can go south, and too much heavy lifting that needs to be done to make the initiative work. Jumping to this stage is literally throwing good money at bad.

Why? People don’t engage with them. They don’t like them. They’re an ugly byproduct of freemium apps that force ads upon users to try to get them to pay a premium. Or, they’re an accepted part of the experience, although most ads have nothing to do with said experience. They cost time and money to make, and they pull funds away from smart baseline marketing you could be doing (like content marketing, remarketing or Facebook targeted ads).

Interestingly enough, even though people loathe mobile ads, they won’t pay to avoid them. Seattle-based Tune surveyed almost 4,000 users in the US and UK. In a nutshell, according to Tune mobile economist and study author John Koetsier: most mobile users “won’t pay even $1/year to avoid mobile ads.” Only 4.5 percent of respondents would be willing to pay $1/day, and the same percentage was willing to alternatively pay $1/week. Asked about $1/month, 10.4 percent said yes, and 11.3 percent said sure to a whopping $1/year.

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Think about what that says about heavy mobile users…they want to do what they came to do, and they don’t want to see an ad (or spend a dime to avoid spending an ad, either for a premium version of the app or via an ad blocker). The fact that ad blockers are even ‘a thing’ and are growing adds more validity to the statement at hand.

Let’s put it in perspective…you’re deciding between expanding a successful PPC campaign, creating a content marketing campaign, or buying mobile ads from some local radio station or a an exchange that emailed you with a trial offer a few weeks ago. You decide on the latter, because it’s “hot” and “everyone is going mobile”.

Let’s think this through. What’s your ad going to look like? One big reason ads fail is bad design. There’s just not a lot of space to fit a compelling message. And most small businesses don’t have the design chops to make something professional that represents the business or offer in an appropriate fashion. App publishers think of ads as something that isn’t part of their app. But they are. Users perceive them that way. Free app, expect ads. Rinse, wash, repeat. And it has to be killer creative to break through that expected clutter.

And if they do click? Well, that experience probably isn’t great either. It’s actually pretty bad normally. If you don’t have a lightning-fast, slick responsive landing page nobody will stay anyway. Let alone call, or submit a form, or consider your product/company. And that’s why you advertise in the first place right?

Again, most businesses don’t need app advertising campaigns. At least, not yet. A great site, professional digital marketing, compelling content and targeted advertising is still king. Everything else, including in-app ad placement, borders somewhere between needless and pointless.

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