Ad Agencies Versus Outsourced Digital Marketing Agencies

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Conventional ad agencies can be frustratingly opaque about the work they do and what results that work actually has on their bottom line. Client organizations merely receive an invoice for hours worked without any indication of how those hours have served their bottom line. Lots of  “tasks” and “meetings” and “concepting”. But little in the way of ROI. That’s why outsourced digital marketing agencies have become so popular…

How An Outsourced Digital Marketing Company Serves You Better Than An Ad Agency

As the business world continues to change and evolve, decision makers are spending more time than ever looking for the most effective marketing solutions. The question of hiring an ad agency versus contracting with an outsourced marketing service provider now comes down to a return on investment. Fewer business owners want a monthly sit down, frequent new ad concepts, and “status meetings”. What they want is results from the money they put into digital.

While an ad agency might seem from the outside to have advantages – a cool building, a team of junior account executives to take notes and brainstorm, maybe even an open bar – clients often find all too late that they only sell their time, not actual results. This means that budgetary resources can be stretched to their limit without ever having achieved the company’s target outcomes. It also means that you’d be just as well off hiring junior level staff internally. Does your account executive that works on 6 other clients across 6 other verticals really “live and breath” your business? Are they abreast of the latest trends and most profitable ways that other businesses are making money online? The answer is almost always a resounding “no”.

Search Solutions LLC does things differently. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and then develop solutions that drive real outcomes. As a leading outsourced digital marketing provider, we know that clients want results first and foremost; our team of experts never wastes your time and certainly doesn’t bill you for hours spent thinking or talking about your business.

Building a Better Marketing Team

Our team goes to work developing a digital marketing plan tailored to address your company’s specific needs and goals – direct sales, lead generation, brand awareness or some combination of the above. We look at the state of your online properties, especially your website, as well as  your content. We use the channels and tactics most likely to get you a return, and we cut out any BS extra spend in the process. Once the plan is finalized, we go about executing it and tracking the results. Levering advanced analytics as well as the industry specific knowledge our custom-built team has lets us achieve truly meaningful results.


Ad agencies are notorious for hiring entry and junior level employees, and then either losing them to larger agencies or promoting them beyond their skill sets to fuel growth or backfill previous positions. The brightest and smartest either A) go to the largest shops in their area, or B) go into business for themselves. Very little thought leadership comes from a traditional ad agency, especially the small and mid-sized ones. Their goal is “butts in seats and billable hours” with little regard to innovation (or your bottom line).

Using Data to Develop Targeted Marketing Solutions

The most effective marketing solutions begin with excellent data. Data-driven solutions are more relevant to the demographics your company serves, so we utilize many data points to craft a plan. Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook data, paid data on your top competitors, even paid data associated with your industry as a whole. This is just one of the reasons why we stand out as a leader in outsourced digital marketing. Our attention to detail and the sophisticated tools and data we use bring real value. We also leverage existing vendor relationships to gain data sources that aren’t readily available. Most ad agencies are going to send you a basic report of your Google Adwords and Google Analytics activity and call it good. Or, have a junior level “strategist” look for insights to justify the time spent sending the report in the first place.

Giving You the Desired Results

Our ability to create personalized solutions for our clients comes from the time we take to get to know each organization, and the fact that our entire team is an actual expert in their respective discipline. In addition to understanding long- and short-term marketing goals, we leverage every possible tactic available to reach your target market.  More importantly, we know what tactics not to waste time or budget on based on previous experiences.

Different in All the Ways That Matter

What exactly makes an outsourced digital marketing company different from an advertising agency? More importantly, what makes Search Solutions the right fit for your organization? Here are just some of the reasons why we stand out from the competition:

  • We can offer scalable digital marketing solutions (like programmatic advertising) that most ad agencies either can’t or won’t.
  • We don’t have account coordinators, admin staff or junior creatives. Everyone we work with is a pro in their individual field of expertise.
  • Everyone that touches your business will have experience in your industry. That includes everyone from the PPC specialist to the copywriter. You are never stuck with “the talent” within an agencies four walls. If we don’t have it, we find it.
  • We cut through the clutter of disparate digital marketing techniques to create a streamlined, integrated approach to branding, outreach, and lead generation (with an emphasis on ROI).

In a matter of weeks we can develop a fresh marketing plan that speaks to your company’s unique strengths. Marketing outcomes are never achieved in a vacuum; it requires collaboration. We spend whatever time is necessary to pull key business insights from our clients and stakeholders before spending the first dollar. This refines the strength of any given plan and generates a new source of information that you can use within your own four walls, even if our engagement runs its course or you work with other outsourced digital marketing agencies.

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Search Solutions is ready to go to work for you right now, delivering superior results with our powerhouse approach to outsourced digital marketing. Stop settling for the empty promises of ad agencies that only watch the clock. Contact us today by calling (888) 330-6628 or via the contact us form.

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