7 Reasons To Outsource Your B2B Marketing

B2B marketing is a fine art that requires specialists from every walk of life – graphic designers, content writers, paid ad professionals and social media managers just to name a few. A well-rounded B2B marketing strategy also requires that team to adapt along with the ever-shifting digital landscape, and stay on top of emerging trends. What works one month will likely not work the next, at least, not in the same capacity. B2B Marcom departments need to be hands-on with all aspects of sales generation – paid social, content marketing, display advertising and email marketing to name a few.

Does this describe your marketing department?

If it doesn’t, you may want to consider outsourcing your B2B marketing efforts. Read more to explore a few of the many benefits outsourcing can have for your company.

Control Your Costs

Hiring and retaining a dedicated marketing staff can be a costly endeavor. Not only will you devote money to training, benefits, and salary, but you’ll incur additional overhead costs as well. When you outsource your B2B marketing, you get the benefits of an expert-trained staff without the constant price tag of housing them…or training them.


Improve Stability

Companies are a lot like the people who run them – they change and develop in unexpected directions as they age. By outsourcing your digital marketing, you can make sure your business message and theme remains consistent regardless of staff turnover. Other businesses value stability in their partnerships, and by projecting a constant voice, you’ll inspire confidence and trust with your client base. Many junior level marketers tend to change jobs every two years. Constantly turning over staff usually creates inefficiencies and instability.

Scale Real “Experience”

Most B2B companies struggle to find a marketing team that has the right price point and experience level to make them successful. Fortunately, an outsourced marketing firm is composed of just that – people who have years or real working experience under their belts and offer their services for far less than a single full-time employee would cost.

Expand Your Reach

Expecting the person who maintains your website to be a Facebook Ads pro, or asking your social media manager to handle your AdWords account won’t usually generate success. If you aren’t using all the viable channels available to you currently, an outsourced B2B marketing firm can fill the gaps in your channel strategy.

Stay Contemporary

By utilizing an outsourced digital marketing team, you can ensure that leveraging things like Programmatic ad buying or native advertising are always happening. Many of the most profitable tactics used in BnB marketing can be tremendously expensive when left unused (or used incorrectly). As new technology becomes available, our marketing agency trains and upgrades on our own dime, passing on the benefits to you.

Relieve Stressed Staff

If your marketing team often pulls extra hours and has a long turnaround for new projects, outsourcing can be the perfect solution. Relieving the burden from your current staff and lightening their workload can lead to more-efficient service, greater creativity, and also do wonders for improving office morale. The same is true for supporting key executives that are stuck doing some of the “tactical” work. Being their arms and legs can free them up to tackle larger, more important projects.

Focus On The “Big Picture”

Rounding out our list is the most important benefit B2B outsourcing offers – letting you focus on running and growing your business. The demands of making key decisions can be intense and often time sensitive. By shuffling the MarCom responsibility onto a dedicated team (and off your shoulders), you’ll have the time needed to focus your efforts on expanding and improving your business even further.

If you’re ready to move past the constraints of a limited in-house staff, please contact us today. We support more than 20 different B2B service providers in all sorts of verticals and niches. And, if you’re currently spending anywhere from $3k up to $30k a month on advertising and marketing (aside from staff salaries), you’ll want to check out this offer

Author Dan Foley

Dan is a content marketing and social media marketing expert with more than 5 years of experience working with B2B and B2C brands all across the United States. His clients include dentists, real estate agents, auto dealers and online retailers.

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