5 Easy Ways To Improve Facebook Results

Some tips for facebook makes it look like a Garden that needs tilled

Facebook is one of the most popular places to maximize your marketing efforts and get serious ROI. Some say Facebook organic reach is dead, and everything is a now a “pay to play” model. We don’t think this is true, because our clients are seeing great results with creating Facebook audiences and growing those groups. To help, we put together some easy tips our clients have been using to improve their Facebook results.

1. Make video and photo posts from your links & blogs

Facebook prioritizes video and photo content, which may be why your reach and engagement metrics are low. Instead of taking time to make new videos or take photos, re-purpose some of your best content as a video or photo. There are free stock photo sites like Pexels, or you can shoot some basic photos with your new iPone 7 (seriously, those cameras are professional quality!) A free screen recording tool, like Snagit, could turn a PowerPoint presentation into a quick video,  or let you shoot a quick video of yourself reviewing your content. Pro tip: You don’t have to pay for expensive tools to put together professional marketing materials – at least at first. Give free tools a shot as you gain a sense of direction.

Go ahead and measure your improvement in reach with more video & photo blogs. Use the Facebook insights tool to see how organic reach and engagement changes with more video and photo related posts. Make sure to check your average reach per post, this should increase dramatically. A 4-6 week test will provide enough data for you to decide if this is working for you. If so, find some freelance help to supplement resources if you need help creating content.

2. Boost posts (yes, go ahead and pay)

If you have $20-$50 in your marketing budget a week, consider boosting your best posts to reach different audiences. Experiment with reaching people who like your page already, friends of those who like your page or a local audience who may not be aware of your business. Pro tip: try and boost your video & photo posts, you’ll get the most impact there.

With this trick, page likes should increase along with reach. When your business can reach more people, your posts will go farther when you ask for the sale.

3. Partner with similar sites

If you tell other people how great you are, they may not believe you. However, when someone else tells people how great you are, it’s easier to believe. Work with other pages and people to promote your respective content and reviews. For example, if you are a local bakery, you may partner with a wedding planner to share their reviews and content and in exchange, they may promote your videos, photos or reviews. Pro tip: this works for bigger business as well. Most b2b companies have good industry partners. Use them!

This is another free strategy that not only will improve your reach, but boosts your credibility and network. And you’re helping another business which is a great win and a core principle of how web marketing works. People helping people. It works!

4. Ask for reviews, and respond to people who post

Reviews are great for people considering your services, but they may not always be positive. A negative review is a great opportunity to address concerns, and show potential customers you care and will address issues quickly. Try to take things offline after the first response by ending the comment with “message us directly” or “chat us” so the person can get resolution directly with you without the eyes of the internet on the whole conversation.

Have a particular post getting a lot of engagement? Keep the conversation going if it is positive. The more interaction a post gets, the more Facebook will show it. When you are trying to maximize reach, likes, shares and comments are important to keep going. Pro tip: Ask customers that took the time to leave a positive review to replicate that review on other sites. Google My Business and Yelp! reviews can actually impact local SEO. You don’t get what you don’t ask for you know.

5. Have fun & get your brand out there

With any marketing efforts, creating genuine content that relates to your audience is important. It doesn’t have to be serious and stuffy. Any posts or articles should reflect your brand voice and tone, but also be relevant and to relate with. Have a local IT company? Sharing cat videos may drive engagement and reach but will probably not lead to many leads or job applications. Gaming the Facebook system is possible but your time is precious, make sure you are building your audience the right way, and that will lead to revenue. Pro tip: Self degradation with a splash of humor goes a long ways. Made a mistake or had a technical glitch? Fess up, show how you fixed it and find the humor in it. People can always relate to things going wrong…

In the end, engagement and reach are important to building your Facebook audience now so you can ask for the sale later. A strong mix of quality content and relevant information with a splash of humor will increase the chances that someone will see the promotion or sale you post later, leading to more leads, more customers and more revenue.

Producing content isn’t always easy, which is why outsourcing content marketing and planning is one strategy to maximize your time and revenue potential. And if you need a good digital agency for more than just Facebook? Well, we know a good one…

Author Dan Foley

Dan is a content marketing and social media marketing expert with more than 5 years of experience working with B2B and B2C brands all across the United States. His clients include dentists, real estate agents, auto dealers and online retailers.

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