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December 2019

Google Lead Form Extensions Now Available in BETA

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Google has rolled out a new feature for Google Ads users – the lead form extension. (NOTE: Soon users will also be able to use actual on-ad lead forms, similar to Facebook Lead Cards. This is still in BETA).

For now, Google lead form extensions will show beneath your search ad on mobile and tablet devices and allow a user to provide their contact information directly through your ad on the SERP. This replaces the need for a user to visit your mobile site to convert. If the searcher is signed into their Google account, they’ll reach a Google-hosted form already pre-populated with their contact details and can immediately convert with one click. This is email only at the moment (for the extension). Full lead cards may collect more information!

Google’s new lead form extensions stick out on the smaller mobile SERP, make your search ads larger, and help users convert faster and easier! Like all ad extensions, you only pay when a user clicks on your lead form extension. Additionally, your lead form extension is not guaranteed to show all the time and is more likely to show in top positions.
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