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May 2015

Things Your AdWords Company Should Show You

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As an AdWords management company, our team has seen a number of “reports” (using the term loosely) that second-rate and novice PPC management companies send to their clients. Often times it’s nothing more than a screenshot out of their Google My Client Center, or a top level report showing impressions.  If you’re AdWords management team isn’t showing you AT THE MINIMUM three of the four items below, you may need to consider a switch. Actually, if you can’t see an ROI (or see how the exposure is playing a key role in ROI), it’s time for a switch. But that may take time to see. Here’s some leading indicators of what needs to be present to “know” if you’re pay-per-click management company is actually making you money or taking your money:

Reporting on Conversions: Conversions can be sales, or leads, or even just goal conversions (like video views). Whatever they are, you know that you’re spending your money on something other than “impressions and clicks”. Those things matter…but if you aren’t getting that bottom line shown to you on a regular basis, you should.

Reporting on Remarketing: To report on remarketing, one must first be running a remarketing campaign. Subtle hint. This is less about reporting and more about seeing that your AdWords campaign team is recommending best practices. You can remarket at numerous steps to prospects, including at the cart abandonment page if you have an e-commerce website. Even if you just use it to generate cheap brand impressions, it’s one of the most powerful PPC tools out there (and one you should certainly be using).

Reporting on Mobile vs Desktop Performance: Yes, it may be that one campaign works great for both mobile and desktop. But how do you know if you aren’t seeing it reported and split out separately? Depending on your business, you may want to focus on driving phone calls from mobile users versus form conversions from desktop users. You may want a completely different set of ads for mobile based on usage patterns. Regardless, you need to see if there’s a need or not. Any PPC management company worth their salt will show you regularly.

Reporting on MOM or YOY Performance: This is something that always throws up a red flag. If your current AdWords contractor isn’t showing you trends, benchmarks and the improvement that’s being made over time…there’s a good chance they don’t want you to see it for a reason. Either they aren’t making progress or worse, they’ve moved the needle backwards. A good partner will be forecasting future campaign performance and showing you trends each month.

Reporting on a Plan: What’s next for your campaign? What is being done to improve performance? Are additional landing pages being created based on keyword research? Are other digital marketing tactics needed to multiply the value of the current campaign? A little strategy should come every month. Not getting the things listed above? Maybe it’s time you found a new digital marketing partner company