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November 2014

an image of hunter pence grimacing while using a keyboard to search on Bing

Hunter Pence Uses Bing, But Does He Use Bing Ads?

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As a true Kansas City Royals fan, it’s taken me awhile to recover from the World Series. It’s still hard to write about or talk about, but amid the amazing run by my hometown team something germane to my craft popped up…#HunterPence signs.  That’s right, the craze the followed the maniacal-looking outfielder touched on an interesting point for PPC managers and advertisers in general.

Among the signs razzing Pence was one that read as such: #HunterPence uses Bing.  I chuckled when I read that.  But then I stopped and asked myself, “why is that funny?”  It’s funny because there’s a perception that  nobody uses Bing. And in that perception issue lies real opportunity for marketers of all sorts.

You see, Bing is far from irrelevant. In fact, a recent report from Hubspot highlighted that roughly 30% of all search happens on the Microsoft/Yahoo network. And here’s another interesting item that lacks statistical foundation…the traffic is cheaper than AdWords traffic. I know this because I live in this space each day, and each day I see similar performance in terms of CTR and total conversions, only at lesser click prices. Added bonus, you get more real-estate to write ad copy. Anyone who has ever tried to manage a PPC campaign knows that the character caps can be tricky to say the least.

BingAds costs less, has more ad copy, and overall has a very similar interface. There’s just not that much volume, that’s all.

Volume. That’s what drives Google’s ad sales. Volume of users, volume of searches, volume of ads served. But what’s that mean to advertisers? It means competition, and by default, higher prices. Using Google AdWords is definitely fishing where the fish are in terms of generating leads…but using Bing Ads is simply finding a smaller lake with fewer fisherman.

So hey, if you’re Hunter Pence, maybe you’re doing some things right. You know, other than playing a role in smashing the dreams of Kansas City Royals fans all across the Midwest. This Bing thing just might catch on after all.

So what do you think about using Bing Ads as a marketing tool? Is it a “must have” or a “nice to have”?