12 Questions A Digital Marketing Consultant Can Answer

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Hiring a marketing consultant, digital or otherwise, is a smart move when you have questions that need answered. If you’re on the cusp of staffing up your marketing department, or moving forward with a large marketing campaign, ad spend or online initiative, it’s good to get a few things answered first.

Even if you have staff in place, digital marketing consultants have expertise that most  employees won’t have. You can get a year’s worth of value out of a 10 or 20 hour engagement with a professional consultant. It’s possible that your company is missing opportunity every month on wasted spend or gaps in your overall plan.

But the real value comes from getting tough questions answered. If you aren’t sure what (or who) is really valuable, an independent 3rd party consultant can help you figure it out quickly.  Here’s X other questions that digital consultants can answer for you…

Is my website built for success? Is your website aged, underused, or just plain bad? If  you see it everyday, you may be too close to understand if it’s really built for success or not. The UX needed to win in today’s digital economy changes rapidly. A good digital consultant will help you navigate the complex waters of a potential website redesign, or even the slight tweaks necessary to increase online sales and lead generation.

Am I spending too much on PPC tactics like AdWords and Facebook Ads?  A good consultant can sniff out wasted spend in many places. One of the most important areas is in PPC campaigns. Google AdWords, BING Ads, and even Facebook ad campaigns. By digging into advanced reporting metrics, having a detailed background in industry averages and merging that with financial data, consultants can tell you if you’re spending too much (or not enough).

What are my competitors doing and is it working?  If this question is nagging at you, engaging with a consultant is a no-brainer.  Understanding what the competition is doing in terms of their creative strategy, their content marketing, their ppc campaigns and their organic search initiatives is critical business intel. And it’s exactly what a good digital consultant can produce.


Is my content marketing making us money? Wondering if all the blogs, videos, case studies and white papers are generating revenue or just eating up resources? Curious if your content calendar is where it needs to be? These are difficult questions to answer, but that’s why digital consultants get paid what they do.

screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-10-23-26-pmAm I looking at the right reporting and metrics? Unsure if the regular reports and dashboards you look at have value? Is the data relevant? Digital marketing consultants can help you take actionable steps to get the marcom data that you need. Many companies don’t have goals set up appropriately, or any conversion tracking in place. Others have CRM’s that they just aren’t using correctly. This can all be addressed.

Do you have the right staff or vendor partnerships in place? If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of putting your staff in the same room with a consultant, don’t be. The best way to know if your staff, your vendors and anyone else that plays a critical role with business marketing is pulling their weight is to have an outside 3rd party review their work and their expertise.  Finding gaps doesn’t mean you have to part ways, it’s just an opportunity for additional training and coaching. But, it may signal a need for replacing some roles with an outsourced support component.

Should we hire (any or additional) marketing staff? Before you make that critical first hire, before you staff up in your digital marketing department, get professional insight into what sort of ROI you can expect. Is your spend big enough to warrant a full time hire (or more)? What skills should you really be hiring? These key answers – and more – can come from an engagement with a good consultant.

Is my SEO strategy set up for success? If you’re wondering how your on-page SEO, internal link structure, outreach strategy and content marketing can be improved for better lead and demand generation, an engagement with a marketing consultant makes perfect sense. SEO is the single most misunderstood channel in the digital space, and hiring outside help to sort it out makes perfect sense.

screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-10-25-56-pmAre we getting any real return from social media? Most companies don’t know if social is really contributing to their ROI. They may not even know how much they are spending on social (including salaries, reporting tools and other expenses). Many companies that have a social media manager in place don’t know how to measure their performance. Others don’t know if they should invest in social at all. Digital marketing consultants understand how to dig through the clutter and show ROI – or the lack thereof.

Is there new digital marketing technology that we should be using? Curious about what you should be testing or implementing? Programmatic ad buying, geo-fencing, native gmail ads and beacon advertising may or may not make sense for your business, but hiring the right digital consultant will help clarify and define where you should be looking next.

Are we using email marketing effectively? The is great power in  your “list”.   Email marketing is a basic component that many. Doing it just to do it is a time suck. If you don’t get results from your email marketing, there are simple steps that a smart consultant will ferret out quickly.

Is there a reputation management problem with my company? Negative reviews, harmful content online or even lack of being mentioned alongside key competitors can lead to a poor image with customers and consumers.  Fixing it can be expensive. Before you make a mountain out of molehill, see if a digital marketing consultant can give you the lay of the land.

If you’re ready to get answers to your tough questions, please contact us today.

Author Jason Keeler

Jason is a Digital Strategist and Digital Marketing Consultant. He's spent more than a decade working in Ad Agencies on businesses ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies like General Electric and U.S. Bancorp.

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